Dec 4, 2008

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Dec 2, 2008

The Hills: It's About Trust

Lauren Conrad has a little chat with the one and only Brody Jenner. Lucky for Lauren, Brody decides to ask her this "Why you bangin Justin Bobby" straight to the point..everytime. Lauren of course hates it and Brody once again tells Lauren to let Audrina Patridge go as a friend. Audrina hears from her sister Casey Patridge that she should apologize to Lauren. Ya think? Good think the Pratts know how to treat the people they care about.....right..... Spencer Pratt once again finds a way to hurt his sister Stephanie Pratt. Except this time he throughs Nana into it. Thats right..the Pratt's Nana has made an appearance on The Hills. No offence to Nana..but did Spencer really need to bring her into the show. Really..she's just there because she's someone who actually likes him. No wonder he goes to visit her so much..he has no other friends. Also, whats with her admitting Spencer is her favorite..Nana's aren't suppost to do that. Ouch! So Stephanie goes with Spencer and the lovely Heidi visit dear old Nana. Good think Stephanie has Spencer to explain her life to Nana since apparently Stephanie can't do it herself. Nana..did you know Stephanie has back stabbed her family and become friends with a girl that said mean things about poor, sweet Heidi for over a year. WOW! Too bad Spencer couldn't have told Nana that the whole situation was his fault! On a brighter note... Lauren and Audrina make up. Lauren forgives her for believing the rumor that she slept with Justin Bobby. Ew. I must admit when Audrina cried I really did believe she was sorry..but I also don't think that Lauren forgives her completly for what she did. A dinner date just isn't enough sometimes...who knew? I'm sure however it will all work out in the end. I can't see Lauren's and Audrina's friendship being over a good thing for the show. Then again...look what Lauren and Heidi's fights did.....

Nov 25, 2008

The Hills: You Did This

It's time for some huge rumors! Audrina Patridge accuses Lauren Conrad and Justin Bobby of hooking up. As Lauren said EWWWW!! Audrina, after asking Lauren over and over again if she hooked up with Justin, still went and told everyone what had "apparently" happened. I couldn't believe how much she hurt Lauren, and Justin at that. When Justin met Audrina to talk about what happened he was disgusted with her, he barely looked at her. He couldn't believe Audrina believed everyone but him and Lauren. So much for Lauren being her best friend, she doesn't even know her well enough to know she would never touch him. It got so bad, that Justin ended up walking out on Audrina. OUCH! Did I mention Audrina made Lauren cry? Unbelievable.. Audrina seriously thought Lauren would hook up with someone she cared about. Lauren told her that she thought Justin was disgusting. (Sorry Justin) Yet she still acted like Lauren had done it. Asking her again if she hooked up with him. How many times does someone who you call your best friend have to tell you they didn't hook up with someone before you believe them. Audrina made Lauren so upset she actually said "You are so much worse than Heidi." As in Heidi Montag? I couldn't believe she said that. Who would have thought those words would have ever been said to anyone..probley not even Lauren would have thought she would ever say that. But it was well deserved. Luckily for Lauren her roomate and best friend Lo Bosworth was there to help once Audrina left leaving Lauren in tears. By the way, Heidi still hasn't realized how awful Spencer Pratt is. Even after her sister Holly Montag stops in to visit her at work at ask is Spencer mentioned she had stopped by earlier in the week. Ahh not so much. Talk about wishful thinking on Holly's part.

Nov 22, 2008

MOVIE REVIEW: "Tropic Thunder"

I've been excited about seeing Ben Stiller's latest directorial attempt, Tropic Thunder, for months. With a cast that includes himself, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr, Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey... why wouldn't this movie be freaking epic? And guess what. It was. I pretty much died during the fake movie trailers at the beginning of the movie, featuring each actor in a project they did before the war film based on the novel of the same name, Tropic Thunder. Although Ben Stiller was apparently a little preoccupied with directing the film to make his character as hilarious as the others, he did a pretty good job on the film. (Plus... would someone tell me where the hell those muscles came from?) I did enjoy the trailer for Scorcher VI: Global Meltdown and the snippet from Simple Jack. Holy crap. That is all I can say. Anyone who has seen the movie will tell you that Robert Downey Jr kicked some serious comedy ass. For one, he plays a pretty impressive black man. Seriously, if you didn't know it was him, you'd think he was actually African-American. Kudos to the makeup department for that as well. Plus, the five lines in the film where he's got an Aussie accent- rawr, mate. Also, I laughed really hard during the trailer for Satan's Alley. Man. They really pulled out all the possibly-offensive-to-one-group-or-another stops for this movie. Well done Ben Stiller. Well done. I've never been a huge Tom Cruise fan. His movies just don't do anything for me. Sure, he's got a killer smile... but the guy is a bit looped. His insanity likely came in handy for the role of billionaire Les Grossman. And his performance, in a word, was B-rilliant. He was a bald, spectacled, pudgey, angry, foul-mouthed man with lots and lots of money and authority. I giggled uncontrollably whenever he used "the F word". (I would gladly throw out some of my favorite Les Grossman quotes right here, but I wouldn't want to offend anyone.) And his awkward gangsta dance moves at the end of the film? Classic. Jack Black has played the same character in a lot of his movies and I'm afraid his role as drug-addicted comedian Jeff "Fats" Portnoy is no exception. Still, his on-screen antics added to the film, so no worried. Also, I wanted to add that Bill Hader is adorable and thank you very much for putting him in this film. Ditto for Jay Baruchel. Good move. My official rating: 8 cans of Booty Sweat out of 10.

Nov 21, 2008


Well, Pixar has done it again: they've once more managed to compile so many human elements into a film both enjoyable for adults as well as children- and all with great color and impressive effects. Usually, I bust a gut while watching Pixar movies. They're always well-written with a kiddish-yet-mature charm that makes their films unique. However, Wall-E wasn't exactly meant to make the viewer laugh out loud- but think. This makes me wonder if this movie made sense to young children. Sure, they could enjoy the many different kinds of robots in the film but I'm not sure if the young children would understand the moral of the story. I'm thinking that Al Gore would have enjoyed this film. There is nothing scarier than a future that is sadly realistic and altogether possible; a future where everyone rides around on their hover crafts and everyone is far... really fat. This movie was terrifying to me, in a Day After Tomorrow sort of way. I realize that this won't become a reality in my lifetime or even for the next generation- but someday? Anything is possible. The storyline is pretty basic: "male" robot meets high-tech "female" robot (that could destroy pretty much anything- awesome!) and falls in love... OK, so it's a basic love story with a few robotic twists. I loved the look of low-tech Wall-E and his collection of interesting junk. I loved that the "female" robot, EVE, was super high-tech and looked like an iPod in robot form. Very cool. This movie is definitely worth the rent, I promise you. Just be prepared to 1) explain the storyline to the young ones and 2) think about the future of our planet and what we're doing to it. My official rating: 7.5 junk blocks out of 10.

THE OFFICE: "Frame Toby"

This week on The Office... Michael realizes that Toby has returned to work at the office after his trip to Costa Rica... and he's been there for a full week. Michael enlists the help of Dwight in order to frame Toby and get him fired and removed permanently from the office. They decide to hide drugs (actually salad that Michael buys from the mail delivery guys from the Valentine's Day episode from season 2) in Toby's desk and call the cops with a "hot tip". The police come, find the salad and Toby stays in the office, much to Michael's frustration. Ryan decides to break it off with Kelly because he's going on a trip with some friends from high school. He requests to have sex with her one more time before he goes... and any cash she might have. OK now- Ryan was always a cocky young thing... but going to New York, making it big, developing a drug problem and going to prison really made him into the biggest asshole ever. I hate him! I hate him, I hate him, I hate him! And yes, he's still so good-looking... I miss the beard though. In PB&J World, Jim purchased his parents' house from them for Pam. The house is a fixer-upper, certainly, what with its creepy clown art that doesn't want to come down and the 1970s shag carpeting. However, he turned the garage into an art studio, just for his honey. At first, Pam looks a bit uncertain as he takes her through their new home. But then she breaks into a smile and expresses her love for the house. Awwwwwww!!

Nov 20, 2008

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!

  So many of you avid readers may know Jill and I are avid NPH fans. But what you may not know is we are also fans of his 45 minute musical Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. I really don't want to ruin the amazingness of it, so all I will say is it starts Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion (Firefly)and Felicia Day. It is a romantic tale of a villain in love with an activist in love with a super hero. The hero, Captain Hammer,  played by Nathan Fillion, is Dr. Horrible (Partick Harris)'s arch nemesis. Once he finds out Dr. Horrible, a.k.a Billy, is in love with Penny (Day) he does what he can to keep them apart, sending Dr. Horrible into a spiral of real evil.
This may sound a little cheezey, but it isn't. The singing is amazing and the songs will get stuck in your head for days. NPH is an amazing singer and as usual his acting never falters. 
I would suggest this movie o anyone who like epicness, musicals, comedies, romance, suspense or Neil Patrick Harris. 

Nov 18, 2008

90210: That Which We Destroy

Annie takes Sean to meet their father Harry for the first time. Lucky for him Seans mother Tracy, Naomis mom, shows up as well to join the party. It's just one big happy family. One that causes a lot of problems.
Dixon starts to get jealous of Sean taking up all his dad's time. It ends up affecting the way Dixon plays Lacrosse since his father is coaching it for the time being. Inviting Sean to all the games including the one the means the most, was probably wasn't the smartest idea Harry came up with. But Sean seems to be more interested in Harry's life. Meaning Dixon has to deal with both his parents spending time with Sean.
Dixon starts the game off aggressive, but not in a good way. Dixon gets taken out of the game and gives his father a nice "Screw You!" to top it off. But no more drama there, Dixon and Harry talk about the issues before the game continues. Wildcats win and Dixon gets a hug from another girl, good thing Silver's not jealous..yet..
But there's always drama..starting with Annie and Naomi. Still fighting over Annie being with Ethan. Get over it! Once Naomi realizes the world doesn't revolve around her it will be a much better place. But that doesn't stop Annie from going down to her level. But Ethan comes just in time to make Annie realize somethings wrong with the way she's acting. Good thing she has Silver to make her realize what she already knows. Took long enough...
It's like a re-run of the original 90210 series. Speaking of that...
Brenda gives Kelly the speech. Yeah..the one saying they've grown apart and they no longer have anything in common. It sounded like a break up.
Kelly gets a call letting her know Brenda fell off stage while she was working. So now that Kelly came to see her after everything she said to her. Brenda feels she should tell Kelly the truth. She was pushing her away because she slept with Ryan. Ouch! A feeling known oh too well by Kelly when it comes to Brenda. Just when we thought the old drama was over with. Right..
Not to come back to it, but Sean also made a phone call after he moved in with his father Harry and his family for the time being. The call was short, letting whoever was on the other line know everything was going good and he's making himself at home...kinda sounds like trouble to me.

The Hills: One Last Chance

Heidi Montag proves Spencer Pratt hasn't doesn't have control of everything in her life when she goes to see her boss. Lucky lil'Heidi got her job back. But Sam made it clear it was a test run for her to prove herself. Hopefully this time no one with get in the way. cough Spencer cough At least something is going right for Heidi. Seeing that all she has is Spencer. He pushed away his friends and now her sister Holly Montag. You think Heidi gets it, then she lets Spencer get away with it. It was bad enough that Spencer made Heidi kick Holly out of the apartment when she had no place to go. Of course causing another problem. For Heidi anyway... Stephanie Pratt shows up to visit Heidi and Spencer, just in time to drop a bomb on them. "Did you know Holly is living with Lauren?" As in Lauren Conrad. Of course Heidi is shocked at this and once again Spencer is nothing but an ASS! Meanwhile Holly is telling Lauren and Lo Bosworth how she can't believe Heidi could do what she did to her. Holly is starting to think that it's not all Spencer, until Lauren, dare we say it, defends Heidi and says "You know it is" I almost couldn't believe it. Lucky for Heidi Lauren isn't making Holly think Heidi is a bad person. She can do that herself..

Nov 15, 2008

Magic happens in rooms above bars!

Life is good, folks. And I'll tell you why: I now have a story that almost rivals Jaclyn's story about meeting Sebastien Grainger. 'Cause I met a rock star last night- and her name is Carmen Townsend. When I was in high school, a very special teacher introduced me to a lot of great music. Mostly indie bands. In fact, half of the bands I listen to now are the ones that he got me into. I was in his classroom one day and he had a song called "Sweet Little Bird" playing on his computer. I asked who sang it- he said it was Carmen Townsend, a great singer from Cape Breton. So, I did some research. Turns out, this girl could really wail. I'd always been a fan of chicks who could rock out so to find a musician like Carmen from my home province was pretty awesome. Fast forward a few months: I did an interview with Carmen over email for a website I used to own. The interview went well and I published it but eventually ended up taking the website down due to lack of time and help from other writers. Fast forward about a year: Little Jilly is now in Journalism school and doing interviews with as many people from the arts community as she can. And then she sees it in The Buzz (God bless that wonderful paper!): Carmen Townsend and the Shakey Deals would be playing at Hunter's. I emailed her soon after and set up an interview for after her set. Well, the show was awesome. Jaclyn came with me. Even she, not usually a fan of female singers, had to admit that Carmen is one talented babe. And the articles about her are right- she does have an amazing stage presence- even in a crowded bar that smells of spilled beer. I didn't even feel like a geek singing along to "River Rat" and, once more, "Sweet Little Bird". I went upstairs to Nightcap and waited nervously for Carmen. She appeared, I waved nervously and she came bouncing over in a flurry of post-performance giddiness. She commented on having the same coat, punched me on the arm and skipped off to get a drink. She came back a few minutes later and we talked for a bit. (Turns out, we also have the same earrings, glasses frames and natural hair color- mine has also gone from blond to red to brown.) I did the interview and we talked for a few minutes more and then she was off to perform some songs with The Tom Fun Orchestra downstairs. Well, you know what they say. Magic happens in rooms above bars... OK, well, maybe they don't actually say that- but they should!

Nov 14, 2008

THE OFFICE: "Business Trip"

This week on The Office... While Michael, Oscar and Andy take a business trip to Winnipeg ("the Scranton of Canada", as one of the writers so fondly pointed out), Ryan and Kelly rekindle their relationship. This involved Ryan doing some push-ups on the floor by Kelly's desk and Kelly attacking Ryan with her mouth. Sir Andy Bernard was outstanding this week. My GOD. He gets drunk with Oscar in the hotel bar and ends up calling Angela (who is gettin' busy back in Scranton with a certain beet farmer- ohhhh yeeeeeah!) and demanding to know why she won't sleep with him before the wedding night. ANGELA: "We'll discuss this later." ANDY: "Naked." ANGELA: "What?!" ANDY: "We'll discuss it later naked... I wanna see you naked!" Oh, Andy. You used to be a pain in the ass. Now, you are amazing and I commend thee. Michael had a night of passion(??) with the hotel consierege and then called his boss David Wallace and showed him how upset he was over having the woman of his dreams sent away. It was so heartbreaking. Yes, Michael can be a fool... almost 100% of the time... but you learn to love the moron. So, it's tough. It would appear that Pam is back in Scranton after failing one of her courses at art school in NYC. She and Jim ended the episode with an adorable kiss... only to be interrupted by Dwight. Very nice. Well, I guess Jenna Fischer isn't leaving to do movies, thank lord in himmel. Well, at least for the time being, anyway...

Nov 13, 2008

Chronic body odour ruins lives!

Jaclyn just showed me this Old Spice commercial on YouTube, featuring the awesomely awesome Neil Patrick Harris. It's epic.

Nov 12, 2008

It runs in Amanda Palmer's family.

"Runs In The Family" is one of the first (and, in my opinion, one of the best) singles from Amanda Palmer's debut solo project, Who Killed Amanda Palmer. (For those silly twits who don't know who in the heck I'm talking about, she's the frontwoman for punk cabaret act, the Dresden Dolls. And if you still don't know what I'm talking about... then I'm sad for you. I stumbled across the video for "Runs In The Family" while net surfing aimlessly. My God, this woman is fabulous. I interviewed her for my website a few months ago but with the success of the album, I doubt I'd be able to get in touch with her a second time. Either way, she is flawless. She and her drawn-on eyebrows. Behold... "Runs In The Family".

Perfect Day, eh Lou? Not on your life.

If every you are at a party that is just too much fun for anyone's good (no matter how late you showed up or how few people are there): BEWARE. It probably is too much fun and when you get home and are delighted to put everything you held in your pockets in your new Arcade Fire wallet your licence will be missing. And, when you assume it will be no big deal to get the licence you lost back on Wednesday (that is in fact, if you did lose it at the party) you will most certainly be pulled over by the cops for speeding on University Avenue when you were trying to get your wet car to stop missing by opening it up a bit.
Now, this is embarrassing, of course.
"Here's my registration officer, but I lost my licence last night at a party." No. Not sketchy at all.
Of course, this sketchiness is amplified when you have Lou Reed playing in the background because you forgot to turn it off.
"Perfect Day" my ass.
Because, however, I am Jaclyn, and I was not gifted with the gift my brother's luck, the officer came back to tell me that my registration was expired. WHAT?!?!?!?!!
Oh yes. Of course it is. Because I am Jaclyn. I forgot.
Now, kindly the officer ticketed me for going 70kmph in a 50 even though I was going 81, but my ticket was still 100 bones. Nice.
I cried like a baby when I got home. Lots of sobbing thrown in too. 
My brother gave me my christmas present early. A 100 dollar bill to do with it as I please. Why am I so lucky to have a friggin brother like him.
We spent the rest of the evening playing video games and watching Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail. Crap Jamie is amazing.
It turned out not to be as bad, but it just kinda sucks. It was embarrassing. Not cool.
The party was a lot of fun though. Some journalistic cats hanging about. And a fat kitty cat too. I mean like REALLY fat.I got to spend some time with some people in my class, and bonded. One of the girls there (my name double) told me I should write for the Buzz (the island's monthly free arts paper) and I hope I can get up the guts to do it.
Wish me luck sports fans, and remember:
If you go to an awesome party and lose your licence, don't open your car up in town because you registration will probably be expired too.
Oh, by the way, I am a brunette now.

Nov 11, 2008

90210: Games People Play

Talk about more drama...Mr. Matthew's loses his job just in time for Kelly to come back and see him leave without a fight. Luckily dating a student is ok when she's 25. No worries, Matthew's will be back, can't see him and Kimberly leaving the show just yet, seeing that she just put away a drug dealer. For those of you who don't understand, Kimberly's an under cover cop who was posing as a student at West Beverly. But this is only the beginning of the drama this week..
Annie and Ethan are still keeping it secret from Naomi that their dating. Thinking that they should wait for the right time, but we all know there is never a good time to tell someone your dating their ex-boyfriend. Leaving Naomi to come up with some plan to destroy Annie's 16th birthday as pay back.
In comes Jason, Annie's ex from back in Kansas, who Annie thinks Naomi flew in to celebrate her birthday and make it a night she'll never forget..seriously, she'll never forget this. Also all the ladies watching tonight will most likely not forget Jason..he was nice to look at..too bad he's only here for one episode..Darn!
We enjoy the messed up love lives as they come, and Naomi loves making everyone elses life worse than hers, so Naomi makes sure Jason finds out about Annie and Ethan before they tell him, leaving it easy for Naomi to make Jason think she's finding out for the first time as well. Can you guess what happened next?
Of course you can...
Annie and Ethan go looking for Naomi to tell her the truth about their relationship, but instead they walk in on her and Jason making out..of course. As if no one knew the kind of girl Naomi was. So instead of being happy at her 16th birthday party, Annie finds herself in tears and realizes she made a mistake changing who she was to fit in.
So finally, the truths out, and to top it all off, Sean shows up at the front door of Annie's house, who's Sean you ask? Oh he's just Annie's and Naomi's half brother. Great.....more drama.

The Hills: Back To New York

Whitney Port's story line in The Hills has finally made a come back, just in time for it to end. Whitney and Lauren Conrad take a trip to New York to meet up with their boss Kelly Cutrone at Peoples Revolutions New York office. Whitney runs into Alex, the model Kelly set her up with last time she was in New York. Alex is going to be a model in the show Whitney and Lauren are working on. Just when you think someone's love life is going to run doesn't.
After the show Whitney and Lauren go to a resturant owned by Adam, one of the models in the show, at the resturant Whitney and Lauren get to meet Adam's roomate Jay, who just so happens to be the singer of the band playing that night, and right away everyone notices Whitney crushing on him. Too bad for Alex, but he makes it known how he everyone but Whitney that is. Just enough drama to start off Whitney's new show The City, should be interesting.
Whitney's drama should also give Heidi Montag a run for her money.
Heidi once again finds herself in a bad situation that Spencer Pratt has gotten her into. Instead of leaving things alone, Spencer goes to talk to Heidi's ex-boss Brent Bolthouse thinking he can change his mind about firing Heidi. Yeah Right! Brent hates you just like everyone else, DUH! Leaving Heidi no choice but to talk to Brent herself.
Favorite line in this show: "Don't you know you are the company that you keep?"
Couldn't have said it better myself Brent, but it will take more than that to convince Heidi that Spencer is no good for her. Guess we'll see how it play's out next week and if Heidi gets her job back. "Your boyfriend is a nightmare." Love it Brent.

Nov 9, 2008

MOVIE REVIEW: "Kung Fu Panda"

I'm a sucker for digitally-animated movies so when I heard kung fu, a panda and the voice talents of Jack Black would be combined into one film, I was like "CH'YEAH! Right on!" Kung Fu Panda is an adorable story of Po (voiced by Jack Black), a noodle-making panda who is chosen by a kung fu master to be a great warrior and defeat Tai Lung, a villainous snow leopard who turned evil as his skills grew. He is trained by Master Shifu, a tiny but mighty red panda (voiced by Dustin Hoffman), in part with The Furious Five: Tigress (Angelina Jolie), Monkey (Jackie Chan), Mantis (Seth Rogen), Viper (Lucy Liu) and Crane (David Cross). Although the story has been done about a thousand times before (what story hasn't?), it's still one worth telling in a film generally aimed at children: You can do anything you put your mind to, no matter how unlikely it seems. Also, the colors in this film are stunning. The bright details of the Chinese country are gorgeous. The setting of this movie might even rival that of Finding Nemo, actually. But I digress. This film is adorable, but I thought there were some areas where it could have been improved. I loved the Shifu character. Hoffman has a really great voice for the character. Plus, I have a soft spot for tiny characters who kick some serious ass. Jack Black, not surprisingly, is a natural when it comes to voicing a chubby, lovable panda. In fact, I'm pretty sure Black was a panda in a past life... Maybe not a kung fu master, by any means- but a panda just the same. This movie involves so much action but when it comes to the end battle between Po and Tai Lung- SPOILER ALERT!- it seems like the battle is too easy for Po. Tai Lung should have at least given Po a challenge. Also, they should have given The Furious Five more lines. There was a lot of star power in those five characters and yet they wasted a lot of screen time with the noodle shop story line that wasn't that interesting... Of course, maybe I'm just feeling that way because I'm a David Cross fan... Yeah, that's almost definitely it. My official rating: 6.5 noodles out of 10.

Nov 7, 2008

THE OFFICE: "Customer Survey"

In this week's episode of The Office, Jim and Pam have found a new way to communicate while she's at school in NYC and he's stuck in Scranton. (Yes, that's right kids. While Jenn is busy watching The Hills and recapping that, I'm watching The Office. Hells yeah.) Anyway. They're now in constant communication via the world's smallest Bluetooth set. Meanwhile, Andy is trying to organize his wedding to Angela and, per usual, she's disinterested. Andy finally finds a location to have the wedding- a location that includes all of Angela's requirements. And it happens to be on a certain beet farm, owned by one Dwight K. Schrute. I suspect a bit more hanky-panky will be going on, now that Angela and Dwight have taken over the wedding plans. Hurrah! I still feel kinda bad for Andy... but he's an idiot, so it's OK. After some confusion with the annual customer reports, it's discovered that Kelly altered some customer comments to make Dwight and Jim look bad, affecting their year-end bonuses. Turns out neither of them attended her America's Got Talent finale party, she was upset and, per usual, totally overreacted.
Near the end of the episode, Pam's friend from art school (who totally has the hots for her) recommends that she not go back to Scranton once school is over because NYC has so much to offer for an artist. Sadly, Pam looks like she is actually considering staying in the city. She cannot, cannot, cannot stay in NYC. She's a major part of the Jim/Pam dynamic that is The Office. I hope it's just a plot turn in the show and not some terrible move on Jenna Fischer's part to work up to leaving the show to do movies. I mean, she's done a couple but she is so not ready or known enough just yet. Steve Carell is staying on the show for God sake and he's doing, like, a lot of movies now. Does the guy even sleep, I wonder?

Nov 6, 2008

Lest we forget....String Theory

After writing my post and struggling to get it up yesterday (thanks for yo' help Jill) I went home, ate supper and went back in town. To my shock and dismay, I realised somewhere along the way I forgot to mention my brother's band, String Thoery,'s set from Tuesday. I guess I got too caught up in that which is The Wooden Sky to think of my brover. Their set was good. It was pretty heavy. I was impressed. The sound was great! Props to Hunter's sound guy. However, during the third song, Jamie (my brother) broke a string. He had to leave during their hit, "Cap Gun", to change it. He got back just in time to play his song, Wonderland, which is very intricate with picking. Anyway, he dropped his pick and had to find an opportune time to stop playing and get it. He had to punch his distortion pedal to get it to turn on in time, but it didn't work and he ended up smashing it pretty hard with his foot. I don't mean smashing in the sence that he broke it, I mean smashin it in the sence that he hit it hard with his foot. I was sitting next to Jamie, so my attention was mainly focused on him (and the creepy old guy who was trying to talk to me and my friend), which in turn made me unable to consentrate on the other members. sorry sports fans, no news to report on them. Anyway, I hope this satisfied people's String Theory urges. Wacko Jacko

Nov 5, 2008

Wooden Sky, My new best friends...

^ The Wooden Sky ^
So, I went to Hunter's last night with the intention of seeing my brother's band, String Theory, and then just going home. I had to get up at 7 a.m. after all, and I had no interest in the other band appearing on stage that night, Wooden Sky. I decided to stay though after being enchanted by the band. One had a Cancerbats t-shirt, which matched my Cancerbats pin. One had a ginger fashion mullet and Napoleon glasses, and one looked like someone I went to school with. I was indie enough to feel a bond between me and the band. It's like a sixth sense. That's why I like Hunter's so much. The atmosphere makes everyone open to new friendships. Anyway…. The band rocked. They sounded, to me, but not to anyone else it would seem (damn my friends and their unwillingness to agree with my compilations of music genres), like a mix between Bright Eyes, and Garth Brooks.
^ New drummer, Peter Krpan. ^
With just two songs left, the singer and guitar player, Gavin Gardiner, announced it was Tuesday night, and they weren't going to stay much longer. They had some celebrating to do. He made some sort of a gesture directly at me (and I am not mistaken, because there was no one around for miles), which I followed with a stunned pair of thumbs up. Afet the show, I watched them pack up their instruments. The new drummer of two days, ex member of Moneen, Peter Krpan, was the first to be greeted by Jaclyn. I called out our matching Cancerbats paraphernalia, and was soon happily pleased he knew the proper response to "My spoon is too big." He even was kind enough to save me all of the bananas from his package of Runtz, because I said they were my favorite. I had a blast talking to Peter, who was sick incidentally and needed to take some Cold FX and go to bed soon. Was it something I said? The singer who called me out, Gavin was also awesome. We both…uhm? I don't really remember what we talked about. But whatever it was, he was awesome. He was easy to talk to, and told me stories of the night before, in Halifax, where he spit ice onto a girl. He later got kicked by the same girl because he told her he found one of her hairs on his pants and showed her a dog hair. I bet he's always that good with the ladies. The bassist, Andrew Wyatt, was the most awkward for me to talk to, but still one of my favourites. He had pretty hair, and the kind of facial hair that is just the right length. He seemed scared when I went to touch it, even though I had told him not to be too creeped out. He played this awesome instrument at one point. I don't know what it was, but it was awesome. He had a blue scarf similar to mine, but refused to trade, because he said he didn't look good in pink. He also had the exact same jacket as me, down to the anchor buttons. He was quite excited to hear he paid less than me, and I got a high-five out of it. The other guy (I think he played a mix of guitar and keys), Simon Walker, was not as accepting of me as the others were. We barely talked. He may have just been tired, or quiet, or thought I was weird, or all of the above. I don't blame him, whatever the case. He seemed, however, half decently impressed with my zombie walk. In the end, I had to leave at about 1:30 a.m. when the band was finished packing up. I got hugs all around. One from Peter, who I accidentally stabbed in the jugular with my spoon, because it was too big, one from Gavin, who was freakishly taller than me, one from Simon, although it seemed much less enthusiastic than the other two hugs sadly I was unable to hug Andrew, because I took the time to show him the jackets, and. It was weird and then we walked away. It was so much fun, and I actually found out some cool stuff about them, such as they used to live above Sebastien Grainger. Small world. I didn't get any pictures, you may be sad to hear, but I will not leave you empty handed. I will find something to feed you guys, picture wise.

Nov 4, 2008


Get Smart (starring Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Alan Arkin) was released on DVD today. I've been waiting to see this movie for a long time, having been a Steve fan for a couple years. The man can do no wrong. OK. So, this movie wasn't fantastic. No, the humor doesn't compare with 40-Year-Old Virgin and the acting doesn't compare to the charm of Little Miss Sunshine. Still, Get Smart was still a generally good action film and it had some clever lines- many of which are very quotable. Max: "Give up, this building has been surrounded by 150 trained Black Ops snipers." Siegfreid: "I don't believe you." Max: "Would you believe two dozen DELTA Force commandoes?" Siegfreid: "No." Max: "How about Chuck Norris with a BB gun?" (Much like Chuck Norris himself, Chuck Norris jokes will never get old.) Yes, I did laugh out loud a couple times during this movie, but not consistently. Also, it surprised me the number of times I found myself chuckling over something Johnson (yes, "The Rock") did. I dunno. It's just so unexpected, I guess. Anyway. This film is alright. It's worth renting. An action movie fan may or may not be impressed with this film- but I'm not a huge fan of action films, so take that with a grain of salt. My official rating: 6 shoe phones out of 10.

The Hills: It's Her Move

Lots happened on The Hills this week. Audrina Patridge will no longer be the girl living in the backyard of Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth. While Heidi Montag no longer has a job. After everything Audrina and Lauren have been through together since they started living together, Audrina has never felt like she belonged in Laurens mansion. So she goes out and buys her own. Unfortunatly she was hoping she wouldn't have to live on her own, but Justin Bobby, known for how well he commits, brushed off Audrina when she asked him to move in. Let me tell you, Audrina, what luck! I mean who looks for a short amount of time and finds one hell of a house. Only on The Hills would this happen. Luckily for Audrina, Lauren took the news fairly well. If you ask me it was Lo that took it the hardest. Wishing that things had of gone the way they had planned in the beginning. Well..not everything can have a happy ending. Right Heidi? Once again Heidi makes a fool of herself in from of her boss. Only this time she can't blame the whole thing on her lovely boyfriend Spencer Pratt (gag me). Instead she'll have to look in the mirror and tell herself how big of an idiot she is for getting hammered while she's suppost to be working. One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, FIRED!!! Next time don't invite Spencer to an event your working at and don't drink while your working!! Oh wait..there won't be a next time. Well then, now that Spencer has ruined everything! I guess you'll have to keep him, since he took away your friends, family and now your job, he's all you've got left! Tell me..when will this girl learn, because I can't be the only one wondering.

Favorite Drink Recipes

Cranapple Martini :
1 oz Vodka
1 1/2 oz Sour Apple Schnapps (Suggested Brand: DeKuyper)
1 Splash Cranberry Juice
Serve in a Cocktail glass.
This drink is 23% Alcohol, which is not surprising since it is Jaclyn's favorite drink. But then again every drink out there has potential to be Jaclyn's favorite drink.
Porn Star:
1/2 oz Raspberry Liqueur (Suggested Brand: Sour Puss)
1/2 oz Blue Curacao Liqueur
4-6 oz Light pop (Suggested Brand: 7-up)
Serve in a Highball glass.
This drink has 3% Alcohol, which Jill's and her favorite drink. Your typical light-weight, this is the perfect drink for Jill and anyone else who doesn't want to wake up in the morning wishing you hadn't of gone out the night before.
Sex on the Beach:
1 1/2 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Peach Schnapps
2 oz Cranberry Juice
2 oz Orange Juice
Serve in a Highball glass.
This drink has 11% Alcohol and is my favorite drink. It is a great drink for anyone, it has just enough alcohol to have a good time, without causing a bad morning. Possibly the perfect drink for people like me who always drinks more than they should.
These Recipes came from:

Nov 3, 2008

MOVIE REVIEW: "Zack & Miri Make a Porno"

There's a chance that I went into the theatre being a little bias. I'll tell you why: Ever since that little comedic gem called The 40-Year-Old Virgin came out in 2005, I've been a fan of Seth Rogen. What's not to like? He's hairy, funny, has a potty mouth and he's got that great Jew 'fro thing going on. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Plus, he didn't look half bad in uniform (despite the moustachio) in last year's Superbad. Anyway, enough about him. Elizabeth Banks. Oh, Elizabeth Banks. She's effing gorgeous and so funny- at the same time. Few actresses seem to pull that off. And I love that she's gorgeous, and yet she still manages to pull off the "one of the guys" thing for this film. I pretty much died with her at the beginning of this movie when she found out her high school crush was gay. Oh, man. Man oh man. (Poor little drunk girl. How I know your pain.) I'm ashamed to say this... but this is my first Kevin Smith film. *hides from the rotten vegetables being pelted by villagers* That's right- I haven't seen Clerks, Clerks II, Dogma, Chasing Amy, Mallrats or Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back... Heck, I didn't even see Jersey Girl (although, I heard I didn't miss much with that one). Anyhoo. I went in without a "OMG! Kevin Smith is awesome!!"-type bias. Just a "OMG! I love Seth Rogen!!"-type bias. Oh well. I emailed my brother about the movie last night. We live in separate provinces but just happened to go see the movie on the same night in our separate towns. My brother called it "the most non-conservative movie he's ever seen". That about sums it up. Justin Long has one bad-ass cameo in this film. Jaclyn and I pretty much pissed ourselves. I won't spoil it. Just go see the fricking movie and you'll understand how amazing his cameo really is. It's so damn beautiful. Despite the vivid sex scenes, the potty-mouth-ness and an uncomfortable scene that may or may not include human fecal matter (ew), this movie was all-together hilarious. Honestly, it's the most disgusting romantic comedy I've ever seen. At it's core, that's what it is: a romantic comedy. I never thought Seth Rogen (a big hairy dude that looks something like a monster from Where The Wild Things Are) would ever have any on-screen chemistry with Elizabeth Banks (goddess!)... but it happens. At first, there is absolutely nothing. But then... BLAMO! Chemistry. And it's so sweet and innocent and beautiful... even with the cameras rolling in the background. Kudos to Kevin Smith for a particular sex scene. I won't go into details but I will say this: it's possibly the sweetest sex scene I've ever seen in a movie. And it seems even sweeter despite the circumstances. Great choice in music too- I can't stop listening to "Lift Me Up" by Live now. Speaking of which, I can't wait for the soundtrack to come out next week. It looks like it's going to be a wickedly awesome album. Great stuff. My official rating: 8 "Fleshlights" out of 10.

Lauren & Audrina: No Longer Friends?

Just when I thought Justin Bobby was done causing problems, and Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge were friends again after the fight over Laurens best friend and roomate Lo Bosworth, another problem happens. I just never thought it would be over Justin and Lauren hooking up?
Hills fans everywhere are curious about this, did they or didn't they? Justin and Lauren both claim it never happened. I mean, why would it? Lauren made it known to Audrina on more than one occasion that she didn't really like Justin and thought Audrina could do way better. But then, how did a rumor like this get started?
Lauren seems to think Spencer Pratt is responsible since it showed up on Perez Hiltons site. People seem to believe that Spencer pays Perez to post horrible things about Lauren on his site, which isn't hard to believe since neither Spencer or Perez ever have anything nice to say about Lauren.
Apparently while Lauren was out at a club with Lo, she tried to talk to Audrina begging her not to believe all the lies people were saying. But Audrina didn't give her the time of day and eventually walked out, leaving Lauren almost in tears. Looks like the beginning of another fued for The Hills. Which is sad. Looks like Heidi Montag might be getting Audrina back as a full time friend. At least somebody will be happy. Besides the fans however, that have become more interested in the show since the Lauren and Heidi fued started. Looks like everyone will have to wait and see if this fued ups the ratings, or puts them down.
Unlike Lauren and Heidi's friendship, Audrina didn't go off and date a guy that Lauren hated and then leave for that guy, ( not to mention all the rumors she told with Spencer ) Audrina always stayed Laurens friend, so this time it looks like Lauren is the bad guy, but who can really say. I honestly don't think Lauren would ever hook up with Justin, or anyone that Audrina dated for that matter, but even though Lauren and Justin both claimed they never hooked up, it looks like Audrina is for whatever reason not willing to be Laurens friend anymore.

Britney Betrayed by K-Fed

The life that just keeps on giving. Britney Spears is yet again going to be the topic of discussion to many people around the world. Her new hit song Womanizer has put her back on top, but of course there always has to be a little bad with the good. Britney's ex-husband Kevin Federline has been seen with his ex-wife (no not Britney) Shar Jackson. For those who don't know Kevin left Shar for Britney when Shar was pregnant with their second child. It seems that Kevin and Shar have been having secret meetings together at his place. I'm not sure how it is called a "secret meeting" when everyone knows people watch Kevin's house too not just Britney's. (although he has Britney to thank for that) At this time it's looking like Britney's marriage to Kevin could have been just a plot to steal her money. Well, who really knows when it comes to those two. I'm sure the truth will come out eventually, but until then (as always) it looks like the gossip is all we have to go on.

Wacko Jacko opens her big mouth (and it shall never close again...)

To begin, I would like to commend Jill on a very informative information session, especially since she was drunk. You're a better woman than me Jill....
Secondly, I would like to announce that with the recent pass of Halloween, I have decided adult Halloween is not as cool as the kid Halloween I remember. I hated watching all of the drunk girls with little to no self-esteem saunter around with no clothes on, and the drunk guys following them around with their tongues hanging out.
Speaking of following people with tongues hanging out........ I GOT TO MEET SEBASTIEN GRAINGER!!!! I went to Hunter's Ale House on Oct. 29 and met the ex-drummer from Death from Above 1979. He played an amazing show (lots of energy, lots of sweat, some matted chest hair...) and I got to meet him in the end. Thanks to my friend Dave, that is. I could barely walk, let alone approach Grainger myself. Anyway, to make a long story short, it was the best night i have had in a long time. Thank you Dave.
Love Jacko!!!

Nov 2, 2008

Introduction To Destruction

Hi. I'm Jill and I'm a writer. Jaclyn and Jenn, my two partners-in-crime, are also writers. The three of us are first year Journalism students at Holland College in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. We didn't know each other before starting the program but we became friends in the classroom and decided to start a blog together.
Why? Because we're that awesome.
We decided to call the blog The J List because, well, our names all happen to start with J. Simple as that... Also, The A List was already taken, as was My Life On The D List.
Curse you, Kathy Griffin. And your little Emmy too!
So. What might you want to know about us? I'll start with moi.
My name is Jillianne Hamilton and I'm from a tiny town in Nova Scotia. I've been blogging since February 2008 when I started (the now slightly popular within the college blogosphere) Kill Jill Goes To College. I started writing for another college blog, myUsearch, soon after. I decided to pursue a career in Journalism because writing has always been a passion of mine. My main journalistic interest is Entertainment Journalism. Y'know, music, movies, theatre, reviews, that kinda stuff. If you'd like to learn more about little old me, visit my official website.
One of the first people I met here in Charlottetown was Jennifer Michels. She's from Amherst, Nova Scotia and is definitely the girly-girl of our little group. Every time we pass the pet store in the Confederation Mall, she says hello to this white bunny she desperately wants. Jenn loves all things pink, worships Marilyn Monroe and dreams of buying a Chanel purse. Jenn wants to work in broadcasting, advertising or for a fashion magazine. One of my favorite things about Ms. Michels is this: she's her own person. Headstrong, yes, but she is who she is and she's damned proud of it.
Although I have a few things in common with Jenn, I probably have more in common with Jaclyn Crawford, a native of Charlottetown. On the first day of class, I noticed her one-of-a-kind earrings, various facial piercings and a wardrobe like that of Cyndi Lauper. Or a crazy person. Or a mix of both. Jaclyn is a bigger indie music fiend than me, which is an impressive endeavor. She's like a magnet to music shows around town and practically lives at Back Alley Music. Jaclyn did a year at UPEI and then will go back after she's done the Journalism program at Holland College. After that, who the hell knows.
Anyway. That's us, in an awkwardly-shaped nutshell. If you have any comments, you can leave them on the blog. You can also email us anytime at and one of us will get back to you.

Oct 23, 2008

Welcome to THE J LIST!

Keep calm, potential readers of the online world. We will be right with you. With some articles and insightful opinions, hopefully. Thank you smuchly, Jillianne, Jenn & Jaclyn