Nov 6, 2008

Lest we forget....String Theory

After writing my post and struggling to get it up yesterday (thanks for yo' help Jill) I went home, ate supper and went back in town. To my shock and dismay, I realised somewhere along the way I forgot to mention my brother's band, String Thoery,'s set from Tuesday. I guess I got too caught up in that which is The Wooden Sky to think of my brover. Their set was good. It was pretty heavy. I was impressed. The sound was great! Props to Hunter's sound guy. However, during the third song, Jamie (my brother) broke a string. He had to leave during their hit, "Cap Gun", to change it. He got back just in time to play his song, Wonderland, which is very intricate with picking. Anyway, he dropped his pick and had to find an opportune time to stop playing and get it. He had to punch his distortion pedal to get it to turn on in time, but it didn't work and he ended up smashing it pretty hard with his foot. I don't mean smashing in the sence that he broke it, I mean smashin it in the sence that he hit it hard with his foot. I was sitting next to Jamie, so my attention was mainly focused on him (and the creepy old guy who was trying to talk to me and my friend), which in turn made me unable to consentrate on the other members. sorry sports fans, no news to report on them. Anyway, I hope this satisfied people's String Theory urges. Wacko Jacko


  1. "Wonderland" is a great song. They should totally put it on their MySpace.

  2. I KNOW!!!!!!!!!