Nov 3, 2008

Britney Betrayed by K-Fed

The life that just keeps on giving. Britney Spears is yet again going to be the topic of discussion to many people around the world. Her new hit song Womanizer has put her back on top, but of course there always has to be a little bad with the good. Britney's ex-husband Kevin Federline has been seen with his ex-wife (no not Britney) Shar Jackson. For those who don't know Kevin left Shar for Britney when Shar was pregnant with their second child. It seems that Kevin and Shar have been having secret meetings together at his place. I'm not sure how it is called a "secret meeting" when everyone knows people watch Kevin's house too not just Britney's. (although he has Britney to thank for that) At this time it's looking like Britney's marriage to Kevin could have been just a plot to steal her money. Well, who really knows when it comes to those two. I'm sure the truth will come out eventually, but until then (as always) it looks like the gossip is all we have to go on.

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