Nov 5, 2008

Wooden Sky, My new best friends...

^ The Wooden Sky ^
So, I went to Hunter's last night with the intention of seeing my brother's band, String Theory, and then just going home. I had to get up at 7 a.m. after all, and I had no interest in the other band appearing on stage that night, Wooden Sky. I decided to stay though after being enchanted by the band. One had a Cancerbats t-shirt, which matched my Cancerbats pin. One had a ginger fashion mullet and Napoleon glasses, and one looked like someone I went to school with. I was indie enough to feel a bond between me and the band. It's like a sixth sense. That's why I like Hunter's so much. The atmosphere makes everyone open to new friendships. Anyway…. The band rocked. They sounded, to me, but not to anyone else it would seem (damn my friends and their unwillingness to agree with my compilations of music genres), like a mix between Bright Eyes, and Garth Brooks.
^ New drummer, Peter Krpan. ^
With just two songs left, the singer and guitar player, Gavin Gardiner, announced it was Tuesday night, and they weren't going to stay much longer. They had some celebrating to do. He made some sort of a gesture directly at me (and I am not mistaken, because there was no one around for miles), which I followed with a stunned pair of thumbs up. Afet the show, I watched them pack up their instruments. The new drummer of two days, ex member of Moneen, Peter Krpan, was the first to be greeted by Jaclyn. I called out our matching Cancerbats paraphernalia, and was soon happily pleased he knew the proper response to "My spoon is too big." He even was kind enough to save me all of the bananas from his package of Runtz, because I said they were my favorite. I had a blast talking to Peter, who was sick incidentally and needed to take some Cold FX and go to bed soon. Was it something I said? The singer who called me out, Gavin was also awesome. We both…uhm? I don't really remember what we talked about. But whatever it was, he was awesome. He was easy to talk to, and told me stories of the night before, in Halifax, where he spit ice onto a girl. He later got kicked by the same girl because he told her he found one of her hairs on his pants and showed her a dog hair. I bet he's always that good with the ladies. The bassist, Andrew Wyatt, was the most awkward for me to talk to, but still one of my favourites. He had pretty hair, and the kind of facial hair that is just the right length. He seemed scared when I went to touch it, even though I had told him not to be too creeped out. He played this awesome instrument at one point. I don't know what it was, but it was awesome. He had a blue scarf similar to mine, but refused to trade, because he said he didn't look good in pink. He also had the exact same jacket as me, down to the anchor buttons. He was quite excited to hear he paid less than me, and I got a high-five out of it. The other guy (I think he played a mix of guitar and keys), Simon Walker, was not as accepting of me as the others were. We barely talked. He may have just been tired, or quiet, or thought I was weird, or all of the above. I don't blame him, whatever the case. He seemed, however, half decently impressed with my zombie walk. In the end, I had to leave at about 1:30 a.m. when the band was finished packing up. I got hugs all around. One from Peter, who I accidentally stabbed in the jugular with my spoon, because it was too big, one from Gavin, who was freakishly taller than me, one from Simon, although it seemed much less enthusiastic than the other two hugs sadly I was unable to hug Andrew, because I took the time to show him the jackets, and. It was weird and then we walked away. It was so much fun, and I actually found out some cool stuff about them, such as they used to live above Sebastien Grainger. Small world. I didn't get any pictures, you may be sad to hear, but I will not leave you empty handed. I will find something to feed you guys, picture wise.

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