Nov 18, 2008

90210: That Which We Destroy

Annie takes Sean to meet their father Harry for the first time. Lucky for him Seans mother Tracy, Naomis mom, shows up as well to join the party. It's just one big happy family. One that causes a lot of problems.
Dixon starts to get jealous of Sean taking up all his dad's time. It ends up affecting the way Dixon plays Lacrosse since his father is coaching it for the time being. Inviting Sean to all the games including the one the means the most, was probably wasn't the smartest idea Harry came up with. But Sean seems to be more interested in Harry's life. Meaning Dixon has to deal with both his parents spending time with Sean.
Dixon starts the game off aggressive, but not in a good way. Dixon gets taken out of the game and gives his father a nice "Screw You!" to top it off. But no more drama there, Dixon and Harry talk about the issues before the game continues. Wildcats win and Dixon gets a hug from another girl, good thing Silver's not jealous..yet..
But there's always drama..starting with Annie and Naomi. Still fighting over Annie being with Ethan. Get over it! Once Naomi realizes the world doesn't revolve around her it will be a much better place. But that doesn't stop Annie from going down to her level. But Ethan comes just in time to make Annie realize somethings wrong with the way she's acting. Good thing she has Silver to make her realize what she already knows. Took long enough...
It's like a re-run of the original 90210 series. Speaking of that...
Brenda gives Kelly the speech. Yeah..the one saying they've grown apart and they no longer have anything in common. It sounded like a break up.
Kelly gets a call letting her know Brenda fell off stage while she was working. So now that Kelly came to see her after everything she said to her. Brenda feels she should tell Kelly the truth. She was pushing her away because she slept with Ryan. Ouch! A feeling known oh too well by Kelly when it comes to Brenda. Just when we thought the old drama was over with. Right..
Not to come back to it, but Sean also made a phone call after he moved in with his father Harry and his family for the time being. The call was short, letting whoever was on the other line know everything was going good and he's making himself at home...kinda sounds like trouble to me.

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