Nov 3, 2008

Lauren & Audrina: No Longer Friends?

Just when I thought Justin Bobby was done causing problems, and Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge were friends again after the fight over Laurens best friend and roomate Lo Bosworth, another problem happens. I just never thought it would be over Justin and Lauren hooking up?
Hills fans everywhere are curious about this, did they or didn't they? Justin and Lauren both claim it never happened. I mean, why would it? Lauren made it known to Audrina on more than one occasion that she didn't really like Justin and thought Audrina could do way better. But then, how did a rumor like this get started?
Lauren seems to think Spencer Pratt is responsible since it showed up on Perez Hiltons site. People seem to believe that Spencer pays Perez to post horrible things about Lauren on his site, which isn't hard to believe since neither Spencer or Perez ever have anything nice to say about Lauren.
Apparently while Lauren was out at a club with Lo, she tried to talk to Audrina begging her not to believe all the lies people were saying. But Audrina didn't give her the time of day and eventually walked out, leaving Lauren almost in tears. Looks like the beginning of another fued for The Hills. Which is sad. Looks like Heidi Montag might be getting Audrina back as a full time friend. At least somebody will be happy. Besides the fans however, that have become more interested in the show since the Lauren and Heidi fued started. Looks like everyone will have to wait and see if this fued ups the ratings, or puts them down.
Unlike Lauren and Heidi's friendship, Audrina didn't go off and date a guy that Lauren hated and then leave for that guy, ( not to mention all the rumors she told with Spencer ) Audrina always stayed Laurens friend, so this time it looks like Lauren is the bad guy, but who can really say. I honestly don't think Lauren would ever hook up with Justin, or anyone that Audrina dated for that matter, but even though Lauren and Justin both claimed they never hooked up, it looks like Audrina is for whatever reason not willing to be Laurens friend anymore.

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