Nov 18, 2008

The Hills: One Last Chance

Heidi Montag proves Spencer Pratt hasn't doesn't have control of everything in her life when she goes to see her boss. Lucky lil'Heidi got her job back. But Sam made it clear it was a test run for her to prove herself. Hopefully this time no one with get in the way. cough Spencer cough At least something is going right for Heidi. Seeing that all she has is Spencer. He pushed away his friends and now her sister Holly Montag. You think Heidi gets it, then she lets Spencer get away with it. It was bad enough that Spencer made Heidi kick Holly out of the apartment when she had no place to go. Of course causing another problem. For Heidi anyway... Stephanie Pratt shows up to visit Heidi and Spencer, just in time to drop a bomb on them. "Did you know Holly is living with Lauren?" As in Lauren Conrad. Of course Heidi is shocked at this and once again Spencer is nothing but an ASS! Meanwhile Holly is telling Lauren and Lo Bosworth how she can't believe Heidi could do what she did to her. Holly is starting to think that it's not all Spencer, until Lauren, dare we say it, defends Heidi and says "You know it is" I almost couldn't believe it. Lucky for Heidi Lauren isn't making Holly think Heidi is a bad person. She can do that herself..

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