Nov 7, 2008

THE OFFICE: "Customer Survey"

In this week's episode of The Office, Jim and Pam have found a new way to communicate while she's at school in NYC and he's stuck in Scranton. (Yes, that's right kids. While Jenn is busy watching The Hills and recapping that, I'm watching The Office. Hells yeah.) Anyway. They're now in constant communication via the world's smallest Bluetooth set. Meanwhile, Andy is trying to organize his wedding to Angela and, per usual, she's disinterested. Andy finally finds a location to have the wedding- a location that includes all of Angela's requirements. And it happens to be on a certain beet farm, owned by one Dwight K. Schrute. I suspect a bit more hanky-panky will be going on, now that Angela and Dwight have taken over the wedding plans. Hurrah! I still feel kinda bad for Andy... but he's an idiot, so it's OK. After some confusion with the annual customer reports, it's discovered that Kelly altered some customer comments to make Dwight and Jim look bad, affecting their year-end bonuses. Turns out neither of them attended her America's Got Talent finale party, she was upset and, per usual, totally overreacted.
Near the end of the episode, Pam's friend from art school (who totally has the hots for her) recommends that she not go back to Scranton once school is over because NYC has so much to offer for an artist. Sadly, Pam looks like she is actually considering staying in the city. She cannot, cannot, cannot stay in NYC. She's a major part of the Jim/Pam dynamic that is The Office. I hope it's just a plot turn in the show and not some terrible move on Jenna Fischer's part to work up to leaving the show to do movies. I mean, she's done a couple but she is so not ready or known enough just yet. Steve Carell is staying on the show for God sake and he's doing, like, a lot of movies now. Does the guy even sleep, I wonder?

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