Nov 4, 2008


Get Smart (starring Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Alan Arkin) was released on DVD today. I've been waiting to see this movie for a long time, having been a Steve fan for a couple years. The man can do no wrong. OK. So, this movie wasn't fantastic. No, the humor doesn't compare with 40-Year-Old Virgin and the acting doesn't compare to the charm of Little Miss Sunshine. Still, Get Smart was still a generally good action film and it had some clever lines- many of which are very quotable. Max: "Give up, this building has been surrounded by 150 trained Black Ops snipers." Siegfreid: "I don't believe you." Max: "Would you believe two dozen DELTA Force commandoes?" Siegfreid: "No." Max: "How about Chuck Norris with a BB gun?" (Much like Chuck Norris himself, Chuck Norris jokes will never get old.) Yes, I did laugh out loud a couple times during this movie, but not consistently. Also, it surprised me the number of times I found myself chuckling over something Johnson (yes, "The Rock") did. I dunno. It's just so unexpected, I guess. Anyway. This film is alright. It's worth renting. An action movie fan may or may not be impressed with this film- but I'm not a huge fan of action films, so take that with a grain of salt. My official rating: 6 shoe phones out of 10.

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