Nov 12, 2008

Perfect Day, eh Lou? Not on your life.

If every you are at a party that is just too much fun for anyone's good (no matter how late you showed up or how few people are there): BEWARE. It probably is too much fun and when you get home and are delighted to put everything you held in your pockets in your new Arcade Fire wallet your licence will be missing. And, when you assume it will be no big deal to get the licence you lost back on Wednesday (that is in fact, if you did lose it at the party) you will most certainly be pulled over by the cops for speeding on University Avenue when you were trying to get your wet car to stop missing by opening it up a bit.
Now, this is embarrassing, of course.
"Here's my registration officer, but I lost my licence last night at a party." No. Not sketchy at all.
Of course, this sketchiness is amplified when you have Lou Reed playing in the background because you forgot to turn it off.
"Perfect Day" my ass.
Because, however, I am Jaclyn, and I was not gifted with the gift my brother's luck, the officer came back to tell me that my registration was expired. WHAT?!?!?!?!!
Oh yes. Of course it is. Because I am Jaclyn. I forgot.
Now, kindly the officer ticketed me for going 70kmph in a 50 even though I was going 81, but my ticket was still 100 bones. Nice.
I cried like a baby when I got home. Lots of sobbing thrown in too. 
My brother gave me my christmas present early. A 100 dollar bill to do with it as I please. Why am I so lucky to have a friggin brother like him.
We spent the rest of the evening playing video games and watching Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail. Crap Jamie is amazing.
It turned out not to be as bad, but it just kinda sucks. It was embarrassing. Not cool.
The party was a lot of fun though. Some journalistic cats hanging about. And a fat kitty cat too. I mean like REALLY fat.I got to spend some time with some people in my class, and bonded. One of the girls there (my name double) told me I should write for the Buzz (the island's monthly free arts paper) and I hope I can get up the guts to do it.
Wish me luck sports fans, and remember:
If you go to an awesome party and lose your licence, don't open your car up in town because you registration will probably be expired too.
Oh, by the way, I am a brunette now.

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