Nov 4, 2008

The Hills: It's Her Move

Lots happened on The Hills this week. Audrina Patridge will no longer be the girl living in the backyard of Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth. While Heidi Montag no longer has a job. After everything Audrina and Lauren have been through together since they started living together, Audrina has never felt like she belonged in Laurens mansion. So she goes out and buys her own. Unfortunatly she was hoping she wouldn't have to live on her own, but Justin Bobby, known for how well he commits, brushed off Audrina when she asked him to move in. Let me tell you, Audrina, what luck! I mean who looks for a short amount of time and finds one hell of a house. Only on The Hills would this happen. Luckily for Audrina, Lauren took the news fairly well. If you ask me it was Lo that took it the hardest. Wishing that things had of gone the way they had planned in the beginning. Well..not everything can have a happy ending. Right Heidi? Once again Heidi makes a fool of herself in from of her boss. Only this time she can't blame the whole thing on her lovely boyfriend Spencer Pratt (gag me). Instead she'll have to look in the mirror and tell herself how big of an idiot she is for getting hammered while she's suppost to be working. One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, FIRED!!! Next time don't invite Spencer to an event your working at and don't drink while your working!! Oh wait..there won't be a next time. Well then, now that Spencer has ruined everything! I guess you'll have to keep him, since he took away your friends, family and now your job, he's all you've got left! Tell me..when will this girl learn, because I can't be the only one wondering.

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