Nov 14, 2008

THE OFFICE: "Business Trip"

This week on The Office... While Michael, Oscar and Andy take a business trip to Winnipeg ("the Scranton of Canada", as one of the writers so fondly pointed out), Ryan and Kelly rekindle their relationship. This involved Ryan doing some push-ups on the floor by Kelly's desk and Kelly attacking Ryan with her mouth. Sir Andy Bernard was outstanding this week. My GOD. He gets drunk with Oscar in the hotel bar and ends up calling Angela (who is gettin' busy back in Scranton with a certain beet farmer- ohhhh yeeeeeah!) and demanding to know why she won't sleep with him before the wedding night. ANGELA: "We'll discuss this later." ANDY: "Naked." ANGELA: "What?!" ANDY: "We'll discuss it later naked... I wanna see you naked!" Oh, Andy. You used to be a pain in the ass. Now, you are amazing and I commend thee. Michael had a night of passion(??) with the hotel consierege and then called his boss David Wallace and showed him how upset he was over having the woman of his dreams sent away. It was so heartbreaking. Yes, Michael can be a fool... almost 100% of the time... but you learn to love the moron. So, it's tough. It would appear that Pam is back in Scranton after failing one of her courses at art school in NYC. She and Jim ended the episode with an adorable kiss... only to be interrupted by Dwight. Very nice. Well, I guess Jenna Fischer isn't leaving to do movies, thank lord in himmel. Well, at least for the time being, anyway...

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