Nov 11, 2008

90210: Games People Play

Talk about more drama...Mr. Matthew's loses his job just in time for Kelly to come back and see him leave without a fight. Luckily dating a student is ok when she's 25. No worries, Matthew's will be back, can't see him and Kimberly leaving the show just yet, seeing that she just put away a drug dealer. For those of you who don't understand, Kimberly's an under cover cop who was posing as a student at West Beverly. But this is only the beginning of the drama this week..
Annie and Ethan are still keeping it secret from Naomi that their dating. Thinking that they should wait for the right time, but we all know there is never a good time to tell someone your dating their ex-boyfriend. Leaving Naomi to come up with some plan to destroy Annie's 16th birthday as pay back.
In comes Jason, Annie's ex from back in Kansas, who Annie thinks Naomi flew in to celebrate her birthday and make it a night she'll never forget..seriously, she'll never forget this. Also all the ladies watching tonight will most likely not forget Jason..he was nice to look at..too bad he's only here for one episode..Darn!
We enjoy the messed up love lives as they come, and Naomi loves making everyone elses life worse than hers, so Naomi makes sure Jason finds out about Annie and Ethan before they tell him, leaving it easy for Naomi to make Jason think she's finding out for the first time as well. Can you guess what happened next?
Of course you can...
Annie and Ethan go looking for Naomi to tell her the truth about their relationship, but instead they walk in on her and Jason making out..of course. As if no one knew the kind of girl Naomi was. So instead of being happy at her 16th birthday party, Annie finds herself in tears and realizes she made a mistake changing who she was to fit in.
So finally, the truths out, and to top it all off, Sean shows up at the front door of Annie's house, who's Sean you ask? Oh he's just Annie's and Naomi's half brother. Great.....more drama.

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