Dec 2, 2008

The Hills: It's About Trust

Lauren Conrad has a little chat with the one and only Brody Jenner. Lucky for Lauren, Brody decides to ask her this "Why you bangin Justin Bobby" straight to the point..everytime. Lauren of course hates it and Brody once again tells Lauren to let Audrina Patridge go as a friend. Audrina hears from her sister Casey Patridge that she should apologize to Lauren. Ya think? Good think the Pratts know how to treat the people they care about.....right..... Spencer Pratt once again finds a way to hurt his sister Stephanie Pratt. Except this time he throughs Nana into it. Thats right..the Pratt's Nana has made an appearance on The Hills. No offence to Nana..but did Spencer really need to bring her into the show. Really..she's just there because she's someone who actually likes him. No wonder he goes to visit her so much..he has no other friends. Also, whats with her admitting Spencer is her favorite..Nana's aren't suppost to do that. Ouch! So Stephanie goes with Spencer and the lovely Heidi visit dear old Nana. Good think Stephanie has Spencer to explain her life to Nana since apparently Stephanie can't do it herself. Nana..did you know Stephanie has back stabbed her family and become friends with a girl that said mean things about poor, sweet Heidi for over a year. WOW! Too bad Spencer couldn't have told Nana that the whole situation was his fault! On a brighter note... Lauren and Audrina make up. Lauren forgives her for believing the rumor that she slept with Justin Bobby. Ew. I must admit when Audrina cried I really did believe she was sorry..but I also don't think that Lauren forgives her completly for what she did. A dinner date just isn't enough sometimes...who knew? I'm sure however it will all work out in the end. I can't see Lauren's and Audrina's friendship being over a good thing for the show. Then again...look what Lauren and Heidi's fights did.....

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