Nov 21, 2008

THE OFFICE: "Frame Toby"

This week on The Office... Michael realizes that Toby has returned to work at the office after his trip to Costa Rica... and he's been there for a full week. Michael enlists the help of Dwight in order to frame Toby and get him fired and removed permanently from the office. They decide to hide drugs (actually salad that Michael buys from the mail delivery guys from the Valentine's Day episode from season 2) in Toby's desk and call the cops with a "hot tip". The police come, find the salad and Toby stays in the office, much to Michael's frustration. Ryan decides to break it off with Kelly because he's going on a trip with some friends from high school. He requests to have sex with her one more time before he goes... and any cash she might have. OK now- Ryan was always a cocky young thing... but going to New York, making it big, developing a drug problem and going to prison really made him into the biggest asshole ever. I hate him! I hate him, I hate him, I hate him! And yes, he's still so good-looking... I miss the beard though. In PB&J World, Jim purchased his parents' house from them for Pam. The house is a fixer-upper, certainly, what with its creepy clown art that doesn't want to come down and the 1970s shag carpeting. However, he turned the garage into an art studio, just for his honey. At first, Pam looks a bit uncertain as he takes her through their new home. But then she breaks into a smile and expresses her love for the house. Awwwwwww!!

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