Nov 25, 2008

The Hills: You Did This

It's time for some huge rumors! Audrina Patridge accuses Lauren Conrad and Justin Bobby of hooking up. As Lauren said EWWWW!! Audrina, after asking Lauren over and over again if she hooked up with Justin, still went and told everyone what had "apparently" happened. I couldn't believe how much she hurt Lauren, and Justin at that. When Justin met Audrina to talk about what happened he was disgusted with her, he barely looked at her. He couldn't believe Audrina believed everyone but him and Lauren. So much for Lauren being her best friend, she doesn't even know her well enough to know she would never touch him. It got so bad, that Justin ended up walking out on Audrina. OUCH! Did I mention Audrina made Lauren cry? Unbelievable.. Audrina seriously thought Lauren would hook up with someone she cared about. Lauren told her that she thought Justin was disgusting. (Sorry Justin) Yet she still acted like Lauren had done it. Asking her again if she hooked up with him. How many times does someone who you call your best friend have to tell you they didn't hook up with someone before you believe them. Audrina made Lauren so upset she actually said "You are so much worse than Heidi." As in Heidi Montag? I couldn't believe she said that. Who would have thought those words would have ever been said to anyone..probley not even Lauren would have thought she would ever say that. But it was well deserved. Luckily for Lauren her roomate and best friend Lo Bosworth was there to help once Audrina left leaving Lauren in tears. By the way, Heidi still hasn't realized how awful Spencer Pratt is. Even after her sister Holly Montag stops in to visit her at work at ask is Spencer mentioned she had stopped by earlier in the week. Ahh not so much. Talk about wishful thinking on Holly's part.

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